3 Tips to Simplify Your Experience with Skip Bin Hire

Posted on: 25 August 2021

Renting a skip bin is one of the best ways to manage garbage in your residential or commercial property. However, before you get one, you have to understand how to use it correctly. Mistakes during the rental period can lead to penalties from the rental company. Here are three easy tips that will minimise the number of mistakes you make when using the bin and how to maximise your convenience. 

You Cannot Overfill the Bin

Most people assume that they can treat the skip container rental the same way they treat the containers they regularly use to dispose of their domestic waste. However, when handling a skip bin, you have to remember that the rental company will have to pick it up, load it onto a truck and drive with it to a landfill. Therefore, they have to ensure that it does not overflow as this would create a littering hazard. Also, when they come for the bin and find that you have overfilled it, you will likely be required to rent an additional one for the extra waste. Therefore, it is best to estimate the volume of waste you are likely to produce well before choosing a skip bin size. 

You Have to Fit Rubbish Inside the Bin Properly

How you arrange the waste determines whether or not the skip bin will suit your purposes. Start with placing the small items at the bottom. For example, place items such as bricks, damaged toys and other small and light items inside the bin first and follow it up with the heavier bits. The danger of placing the lighter items at the top is that they might fall off during transportation and hurt people. Also, remember that not everything is allowed to go inside the bin. Make sure to ask the rental company what is and is not allowed. 

Consider the Length of the Bin

Most people only focus on the height of the bin when they are renting. However, there is little room that a skip bin can offer to fit large items such as tree branches and large planks of wood. It makes more sense to work with longer bins as you can place the branches inside them horizontally. If you are handling a demolition or clearing land to start a construction project, choosing the longest bin available for the best service is a suitable option. 

These are some of the considerations to make when renting a bin. Contact a skip bin hire service to learn more.